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Boaz’ s Blog 012 Trump Would Have Never Won Had Love Taught in Our Public Schools


Despite tough economic times and stagnating incomes in the heartland of the U.S., Trump would not have secured enough votes to win the Electoral College had love been a part of the required public educational system. Here’s why:

Love is the expression of positive mental, physical, emotional, and creative energy given from one person to another person or animal.  Some of the qualities associated with love are mercy, compassion, generosity, tolerance, kindness, support, comfort, civility, friendliness, caring, loyalty, inclusiveness, and empathy.  None of these qualities are associated with Donald Trump except, perhaps, within the confines of his family.

Had the voters been taught love in K-12 public schools, I believe they could have never voted for a man who for the last two years was a continuous example of rudeness, selfishness to the point of narcissism, blatant discrimination, misogyny, indifference, bullying, and verbal cruelty.  The values of love would have been deeply scored in any person taught love for several years would have thus been deeply offended by a person who wanted to be the face of America for the upcoming future.


Seven Rights for Citizen Slackers

In its March 2017 issue, High Times reviewed and recommended Seven Rights for Citizen Slackers. The book can be download on Amazon by clicking Download Seven Rights for Citizen Slackers 

Qualities of honesty, responsibility, duty, respect, curiosity, justice, and communication, are directly associated with the right to truth and yet, cannot be authentic unless coupled with love. By lying blatantly and refusing to disclose his tax returns during his presidential candidacy, Donald Trump demonstrated a lack of truthfulness and openness. He has done nothing since to suggest that he will act differently as President.

The rights to love and truth are two of seven fundamental/inalienable rights (concepts well developed in Seven Rights for Citizen Slackers) which, together with five other rights   form a holistic body of rights, that could become a foundation for organizing the institutions of government, education, and business. Unfortunately, both rights have been overshadowed by Trump’s insatiable drive for power, of which, deceitfulness, manipulation, and bullying are hallmarks of his public persona.

The funny thing is that the right to power is one of the seven rights to which I have already alluded. As citizens, we are entitled to have power exercised honestly and openly and with love.  Until we demand the teaching of higher, more ethical values in education, part of our electorate will remain vulnerable to Trumpian lies and manipulation and we could yet elect another demagogue; possibly even more dangerous than Trump.