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Boaz’s Blog 001. Why Americans need an Article Five Convention.


The Constitution needs to be amended. Since Congress is too polarized to make certain necessary constitutional reforms, the only alternative is an  Article Five Convention; called by Congress upon the application of  two-thirds of state legislatures.

So, why does the Constitution need to be amended?  For starters, the right to representative democracy has been  so demeaned and diluted that  it is unrecognizable.  In particular, I refer to the flood of private money into public elections, the Electoral College, the presidential veto, Senate filibuster, motion for cloture, and voter suppression  laws; all major obstructions to  meaningful representative  democracy.

There are other reasons for amending the  Constitution. Of the eight or  nine rights (depending on whether a certain right is interpreted as one  or  two rights) mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, only one of them, in a watered-down version, is included in the Constitution. Why is that important?  Remember, the Declaration of  Independence is the equivalent of a declaration of “Why We Fight.”  Our revolutionary leaders, in unanimity, gave the reasons why they fought and died for their new country. They fought to secure their inalienable  rights; stating that governments were “instituted” to “secure” the inalienable rights of the people and “that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends,”(securing the people’s rights) “it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.”

The watered down version of the right to alter or abolish government is actually Article Five of the Constitution. The  right is diluted because it takes two-thirds of all state legislatures (34) to apply for a “Convention for proposing amendments,….” Hardly an enforceable right to alter the Constitution. The right is further modified in that there is no  statement that government must be destructive of the people’s rights before altering or abolishing the  form of government. I expect that whatever reason is given  for amending the Constitution, will invariably be argued as a violation of a human right

It is the position of  article5 alive.org that diminishing  or  reducing  the right  to democracy is destructive of a significant  human right; the unwritten right  to social power. Ironically, the right  to democracy is not enshrined in  the Constitution; it  is one of those rights of the Declaration our  founders fought  and died for.

The Ninth Amendment states that the  people have rights outside of the Constitution  which are not to be demeaned or denied simply   because they  are not found in the  Constitution. What rights were retained, if not the  rights of the  Declaration of Independence. It is articlefivealive.org’s position that the  rights  to  equality, life, liberty, pursuit  of happiness, safety, happiness, democracy, and a government based on human rights, should be incorporated into the  Constitution by way of  constitutional amendments.

I believe the Declaration of Independence contains those rights  necessary for a government to secure a  more  balanced allocation of its  resources along the line of four major categories of  human rights. In particular, I refer to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and safety. In the next  blog, I will explain my reasons for this belief.

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