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About article5alive.com

This website was created with  the conviction  that government should be based on people’s fundamental rights.  This purpose is in line with the dream of  American revolutionaries as stated in the Declaration of Independence and is confirmed by the Ninth Amendment which reminds us that there are other retained rights not stated in the Constitution. Article5alive.org wants  to  help facilitate the calling  of an Article Five Convention so that the rights of the Declaration  of Independence and other significant  rights can become  part of the Constitution.

In particular, articl5alive.org favors the passage of those proposed amendments whose purpose is to ensure a meaningful  representative democracy; including amendments to eliminate private money from public elections, to abolish the Electoral  College, to prohibit the filibuster, and to abolish the presidential  veto. A second  goal of article5alive.org is to amend the Constitution to include all stated rights of the Declaration of Independence; among them, the rights to equality, democracy,  safety, and happiness. A third goal of articlefivealive.org is to propose the passage of amendments to eliminate  certain fundamental inequities of national scope, such as capital punishment and the exclusion of Island-Americans from  presidential elections and representation in Congress.

Here, through an ongoing and continuing blog,  the origins  and meaning of human rights will be explained so the reader can understand their necessary importance to attaining a society in which all persons have the opportunity to achieve their full complement of mental, physical, emotional, and creative potentials.

We will recommend, with commentary, more than thirty substantial proposed amendments to the  Constitution for consideration. We will also provide an ongoing poll/list of the 15 most popular proposed amendments by our readers; including the opportunity to vote for proposed amendments on the list and to write-in any changes or amendments they would like to  see presented and passed at an Article Five Convention.

We hope that articlefivealive.org will assist readers to conclude that an Article Five  Convention is needed for the proposal and passage of certain amendments to improve representative democracy and others to correct certain human rights deficiencies of the Constitution.

Because the Constitution requires 2/3 of  state  legislatures to call for an Article Five Convention,  a huge and multi-faceted coalition will be required in order to attain  one. We hope to lend assistance of informational and organizational value to events,  gatherings, and protests  directed towards achieving an Article  Five Convention.

Hopefully, article5alive.org will add to your  understanding of human rights and nudge you and other Americans to take action in furtherance of an Article  Five Convention.


Auto-bio of  a5a website creator and blogger Dennis Boaz

Dennis Boaz

My work  experience ranges  from lumper to lawyer,  banana and betel nut importer to high school teacher and union leader.  I have also been an  activist for marijuana legalization and federal voting rights  for Island-Americans. Following a marital  breakup in  1970, I began a search for self-awareness and purpose. Immersed in Berkeley’s New Age subculture of the early seventies, I discovered the foundational elements  for a holistic matrix of individual consciousness. From that paradigm of consciousness, I developed a comprehensive body of human rights and then an  organizational schematic based on human rights to use for the improvement of government, education, and business. With a sense that I had discovered a kind of holy grail for organizing an enlightened society, I committed myself  to write a book on the seven rights. I was willing  to go to  unconventional  lengths  to publicize a seven rights manuscript,  and, in January, 1976, I staged a publicized smoke-in San Francisco’s Federal Building as a protest against federal marijuana laws. Later that  year I represented Gary Gilmore and successfully asked the Utah Supreme Court to remove a Stay of Execution so that Gilmore could be executed without appeal.  Both attempts to gain publicity so I could promote a seven rights manuscript failed miserably. In 1985, after co-parenting for a year and  a half, I returned  to the full-time practice  of  law in Guam  and Saipan–accompanied by my partner, Donna, and baby Sammantha.  My government jobs involved both notoriety and controversy. I initiated and  worked on a petition campaign that garnered 2200 signatures asking Congress to  amend the Constitution twice; to abolish the Electoral College and to grant the  presidential vote  to all Island-Americans. From that experience, I realized Americans would need an Article Five Convention to have an authentic representative democracy.  I finished another  seven rights manuscript, but trashed it–too boring. Donna and  Samm returned  to California  in mid-1997 and I followed seven months later.  At our home in Geyserville, I continued to write on seven rights’ themes but, for various reasons, I was never satisfied and trashed what I had been writing. In 2001, I returned to school and a year later became a continuation high school teacher in Ukiah.  Towards the  end of my  eight year teaching stint,  I became a labor  leader as a chairperson for both grievance  and contract negotiations.  Somehow, arising out of my union  work,  I became  involved in another publicized controversy. I retired from teaching in 2010.  In October, 2011, I got involved in an NYC Occupy  web group (viral campaign for a constitutional convention) that mostly  tilted at windmills. Finally I found the right format (for me) for completing a manuscript that  became Seven Rights for Citizen Slackers; anticipated publication date of August, 2016.                I, Donna, and our dog Finian live in the Valley of the Moon in  Sonoma County.